New Job Actions Unveiled for HEAVENSWARD

May 21, 2015 6:58 pm by Ashleigh Lillechurch

The most recent Letter from the Producer Live, hosted by Producer Naoki Yoshida, delved into the upcoming changes coming for all Disciple of Magic and Disciple of War jobs in FINAL FANTASY XIV: HEAVENSWARD. There’s a variety of changes, with most jobs receiving a bunch of varied and exciting abilities, as well as some adjustments made to abilities between levels 1-50 for all Tank roles. Check out the video below, then continue reading for the full recap of all the changes.



  • New combo chained from Riot Blade.
  • New finisher combo that applies Damage Over Time (DoT) effects.
  • A new blocking ability.
  • Divine Veil – creates a protective barrier around the target which causes healing received to also heal other nearby friend targets under the veil.


  • Deliverance – New DPS Stance. Abilities cause a buff called Abandon to stack up to 5 times. Stacks carry over when switching between Deliverance and Defiance.
  • Raw Intuition – Counterattack ability. If hit from the front, the Warrior will reflect the damage. If hit from the rear or flank, the Warrior instead gets hit for Critical Damage.
  • Self-heal being added as well as abilities to deplete Abandon stacks.


  • Dark Aura – DPS stance. Increases DPS but drains MP.
  • Grit – Tank Stance that increases Enmity generation.
  • Dark Knight cannot receive MP regeneration from other party members. Dark Knight’s have abilities to drain MP from enemies.
  • Dark Dance, Dark Passenger, Dark Mind and Soul Eater are some other ability names. The actions of these abilities wasn’t discussed.
  • Dark Knight can use cross-class abilities from Marauder and Gladiator.


  • Greased Lightning – Abilities have been added to extend the duration of stacks to aid with keeping stacks up during phase transitions etc. New abilities to also deplete Greased Lightning stacks, allowing them to be dumped before a boss goes invulnerable for example.
  • Meditation – New buff that stacks up to 5 times. Can be expended to execute burst-damage abilities and recover TP.


  • Ninja received very few changes as the job is still relatively new.
  • Mudra’s such as Huton will be changed to allow the extension of Huton and other Mudra’s at the same time.
  • Ninja will also be receiving positional based attacks similar to Monks.
  • Ninja’s will also be able to adjust their own enmity and apply it to other people. For example during the initial pull of a boss, Ninja’s can transfer their enmity from high DPS combos onto the tank.


  • Blood of the Dragon – Stance that adds procs to the end of Thrust combos. These procs reduce the amount of time left on the Blood of the Dragon stance.
  • Adjustments will be made to the animation of Jump abilities to try and make Dragoon feel more fluid in combat and suffer from less animation locks.


  • The Wanderer’s Minuet – A new song that allows the Bard to charge their shots for additional damage. The Bard cannot move while charging, moving removes the charge effect.
  • Ranger Stance – A stance that increases DPS but turns the auto-attack off. Other songs can still be played while the stance is active.
  • Sidewinder – A new ability that adds a boost to the Bard’s Damage Over Time effects.


  • Similar to Bard in terms of playstyle and DPS.
  • Reload – loads 5 bullets into the Machinist’s gun. Allowing for the execution of 5 shots.
  • Quick Reload – loads 1 bullet. Allowing for the execution of only 1 shot.
  • Every bullet fired has a 20% chance to proc an additional effect, increasing to 100% after 5 shots.
  • Choosing when to Reload is a big part of the Machinist gameplay.
  • Turrets can be used for DPS or Support based functions.


  • Ley Lines – Cooldown ability. Creates a field around the Black Mage that grants them Haste while inside it. Only applies to the Black Mage. If the Black Mage leaves the field, the Ley Lines dissipate and the Haste buff will be lost.
  • Sharp Cast – Gives a guaranteed proc of Firestarter/Thundercloud following which elemental spell the Black Mage casts next.
  • Enochian – A 30 second buff, allowing the cast of Fire IV or Blizzard IV while under the effect of Astral Fire/Umbral Ice. Blizzard IV extends the duration of Enochian.


  • New Direct Damage spells being added.
  • No new Egi. Existing Egi’s are receiving new abilities. They may also receive graphical updates.
  • The current Tri-Disaster is being renamed to Tri-Bind.
  • A new version of Tri-Disaster will be learned at a higher level. Tri-Disaster applies the Bio I, Bio II and Miasma I effects simultaneously on the target.
  • Dreadwyrm Trance – Grants the summoner the power of Bahamut, allowing the execution of abilities such as Ahk Mhorn.
  • These changes are intended to make Summoner more interesting to play when Aetherflow stacks have been depleted.


  • Two stances; Moon Reading and Star Reading. Moon Reading is a pure healing stance similar to how WHM currently functions, Star Reading is a mitigation based healing stance similar to how SCH currently functions.
  • Divining Cards – 6 different cards to draw from. Each card has a different beneficial effect (such as Haste, Damage Up etc)
  • Spread – Keep the card that has been drawn.
  • Shuffle – Discard the card.
  • Royal Road – Combine held card with the next card drawn to increase the effect granted.


  • Asylum – Creates a barrier that passively heals players underneath it.
  • Assize – Direct damage magic attack that also heals a nearby friendly target.
  • Stone III and Aero III – deal direct damage followed by DoT.
  • Smaller cast instant heals being added.
  • No have improved Protect. All healing Disciples of Magic now have access to the best version of Protect.


  • Outward Area of Effect heals from the Scholar’s position.
  • Deployment Tactics – increases the mitigation of the shield from Adloqium
  • Emergency Tactics – removes the shield from Adloqium but increases the healing output.
  • Dissipation – Drains energy from the summoned Faerie to increase Magic potency.
  • Indomitably – Increases healing potency

FINAL FANTASY XIV: HEAVENSWARD releases for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Mac on June 23rd, 2015. The expansion requires the base game, FINAL FANTASY XIV: A REALM REBORN, to play. Players who pre-order HEAVENSWARD will be able to play content from the expansion during an early-access period starting June 19th, 2015.