SQUARE ENIX Want Your FINAL FANTASY XV Episode Duscae Feedback

March 27, 2015 5:37 pm by Ashleigh Lillechurch

SQUARE ENIX are seeking your feedback in regards to the FINAL FANTASY XV Episode Duscae demo that came bundled with FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD. The company have setup an online survey for players of the demo to fill out. This is quite unusual for SQUARE ENIX, who normally aren’t extremely forth coming with details about FINAL FANTASY titles in development. But Game Director, Hajime Tabata, has made clear lately that he really values fan feedback and wants to mould FINAL FANTASY XV into the best experience it can be.

North American players can access the survey here, you will need your demo download code on hand. European players will need to login to their SQUARE ENIX MEMBERS Account (or create one if they don’t have one) and add the FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD product registration code to their account, an option will then be available to take the survey.

European Access

European How-To

The survey itself is essentially a list of mutiple choice questions spanning topics such as the world, battle system, characters, music etc. There is also a freeform at the end where you can briefly explain your thoughts in 1000 characters or less. Bear in mind that a lot of people are likely to be filling out this survey, so keeping the freeform field short and concise (use bulletpoints etc) is probably the best way to make sure your feedback gets heard.

Fans who complete the survey will be awarded with a handful of FINAL FANTASY XV wallpapers as a thank you.

Right now, the survey is only available for players who have purchased a physical copy of FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD.

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