March 19, 2015 8:01 am by Ashleigh Lillechurch

As part of the Vana’diel Project press conference, SQUARE ENIX also unveiled a new mobile title set in FINAL FANTASY XI’s world of Vana’diel. Titled FINAL FANTASY GRANDMASTERS, the game is a full-scale online RPG. Players are able to freely combine their favorite jobs and dazzling equipment to create, strengthen, and power up their characters. Chat and communicate with those you meet, engage in real time cooperative battles, and make new friends as you vanquish foes and assist allies.

FINAL FANTASY GRANDMASTERS is being developed in collaboration with Crooz Inc., creators of numerous smash hit social games such as The Knights of Avalon.

Unless you’re in Japan, however, you won’t be playing this anytime soon as SQUARE ENIX have stated that the game is only scheduled for a Japanese release at present. Still, if you’re curious, we have the official trailer and some screenshots, below.