New FINAL FANTASY XV and TYPE-0 HD Details from Active Time Report London

February 26, 2015 1:44 pm by Ashleigh Lillechurch

FINAL FANTASY XV and TYPE-0 HD Game Director, Hajime Tabata, was in London today holding the latest Active Time Report broadcast. Although the broadcast was billed to be largely focused on TYPE-0 HD, it veered largely off script (thanks to the efforts of Community Manager Dan Seto) into the territory of hotly anticipated FINAL FANTASY XV. We’ve rounded up the best tidbits of the broadcast for your consumption.



A short segment of gameplay footage was shown from Tabata’s favourite part of TYPE-0. The mission is the Togoreth Assault from Chapter 2. Tabata likes this area because it was one of the first areas they developed in the original PSP version. It was here that they experimented with a lot of the combat mechanics, such as figuring out ranged attacks and line of sight.

Can FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD be streamed?

Yes, TYPE-0 HD can be streamed and also benefits from Share Play. There are some small parts that can’t be streamed, such as segments featuring the “Zero” track, due to licensing difficulties with third parties. FINAL FANTASY XV Episode Duscae cannot use Share Play, but can be streamed.

In what way is TYPE-0 HD connected to the Fabula Nova Crystallis mythology?

FINAL FANTASY XIII was very heavily focused on the Fabula Nova Crystallis mythology. FINAL FANTASY XV will be very distant from it. TYPE-0 HD falls somewhere in the middle. Knowledge of the mythology won’t be needed to enjoy either title, the connections are minimal.

Which Class Zero character do you feel is the strongest?

This depends on the player. Everyone will have their own favourites. Tabata’s personal favourite is Ace, as he’s a very beginner friendly character with a strong personality. Tabata also likes Rem and Deuce, because they are cute! Trey and Seven have also been significantly upgraded for the HD remaster and are more powerful, with new abilities, than compared to the original PSP version.

Tabata also recommends that players level at least half of Class Zero’s 14 playable characters. The game may become very hard if you only focus on your favourite 2 or 3 characters.

If the TYPE-X games became a full series, would they mainly be for portable consoles or home consoles?

If they were to add more TYPE games, they’d like to do things that can’t be done with main-numbered entries in the FINAL FANTASY series. Tabata would personally like to do this on the best technology available, so there would be no limitations. He added that a PC title would even be a possibility.

Did the level of fan demand for a Western release of TYPE-0 surprise you?

Tabata was very surprised by the level of demand. The demand was the primary driver behind the HD remaster of TYPE-0 HD and he wants to interact more with fans, going forward.



One big point that Tabata really drives home in his answers here, is that he really wants to hear feedback after people have played the demo. A lot of the control systems in the demo are intentionally restricted, Tabata would love to hear what sort of customisation options players would like to see in the final game in regards to these systems. Tabata also mentioned that the demo is still currently in development and they have made changes to it in the past week!

Can you use the normal attacks without the automatic weapon switching?

This isn’t possible in the demo. Each attack is automatically assigned to a different weapon to give a feel for what weapon switching is like. In the full game, there will be a lot more flexibility and customisation.

Will there be equipable armour and accessories?

None in the demo. Though, armour and accessories will be a big part of the final game.

Can the car only be driven on certain roads?

Yes, the car is restricted to the roads. It can’t be taken off-road or used to damage enemies. There will be other methods of transportation for off-road areas, like Chocobos.

Holding down the Guard button makes Notcis auto-dodge, can you give us more details?

Guarding depletes MP. So if you were to just hold the Guard button down, you would run out of MP very quickly as you may be being attacked from all sides. If you press the Guard button just as an attack lands, you will evade and deplete less MP than you would normally. Auto-dodge is good for more casual players, the timing based evade is something that more skillful players can use to their advantage.

Will we be able to customise the control scheme?

Not in the demo. This will be possible in the full game.

Will there be a level cap in the demo?

Level 99. It’ll take a while to get there though. The level cap of the final game hasn’t been determined yet.

Who is your favourite character from the main cast?

Ignis is Tabata’s favourite character, because of his British accent and cooking skills. Ignis comes from a different part of the world to the rest of the cast, so he was given a British-English accent to differentiate him from the American-English accents of Noctis, Gladiolus and Prompto.

How big is the world of the full game compared to the demo?

The area in the demo is actually only one part of the Duscae region. The whole Duscae region has a town, urban areas and some ruins. The full game is around 10x the size of the whole Duscae region. There will be a lot to explore, not just fields and mountains.



We were treated to two new videos of FINAL FANTASY XV Episode Duscae. The first video shows the demo running on an XBOX One, with Noctis and Co. exploring the hills of the Duscae region before entering a dungeon. Yes, dungeons make their return! Tabata states that the team are trying to make the dungeons feel as scary and eery as the dungeons from classic FINAL FANTASY games.

We were also treated to a second video, titled World of Wonder. Tabata said that they wanted to make a small video, similar in style to a BBC wildlife documentary, especially for the London broadcast. The video shows off some of the wildlife that players will find in the Duscae region.

If you wish to view the entire broadcast, in full, you can find it below.

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